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Welcome to Blessed Hope Daycare Center Where Nurturing and developing the mind of each individual child is our business


Daycare for Toddlers

Toddler Program (18 months to 24 months):

Every toddler is naturally curious, and turning this curiosity into knowledge is only possible in the right environment and with the best teachers.  At Blessed Hope Daycare Center, our teachers are well trained to administer the curriculum on students, such that they get the best education that enhances their minds.  By providing a natural environment, we are committed to ensuring that every child learns in the most straightforward and engaging ways, with no pressure whatsoever.

Monthly Themes

There is a theme for every month at our toddler school.  These themes focus on various needs of children between 18 and 24 months, including the need to improve self-expression, sensory awareness, and interaction between pairs. Thus, they seamlessly learn about their surroundings, as well as about themselves. It is not always easy for toddlers to realize what they need and how to communicate such needs.  And without the right language skills to describe all of these feelings, problems start arising.  However, by integrating these themes into play and lessons for the whole month, the students get enough time to learn these things, and how best to implement them according to their needs. In the end, they help to reduce frustration levels, while enhancing confidence and independence.  It also improves the communication among the students, teachers and parents. 

Our Curriculum

We believe that there is no better way to help toddlers learn than through personal discovery and experience. For toddlers that find it difficult to sit and focus for long, especially in a large group, we devise ways, through our curriculum, to help them learn and play in ways that get them acquainted with the world around them. With well-thought-out lesson plans, our teachers can meet these requirements seamlessly, while assisting students (irrespective of ages) to improve their ability to remember and process meaningful information according to their levels.  It is the responsibility of our teachers to engage students in the learning process only when they are ready for it.  And to achieve this, we have streamlined all our lessons to be child-initiated and teacher-directed.  With the students handling their own learning experience, they feel more involved and find meanings out of such experience easily.

Our Goals

Our top priority is to help each student in our school for toddlers to experience lifelong and meaningful learning experiences.  Active thinking and free exploration of the world are crucial to helping children learn efficiently, both in and outside the classroom.  Our teachers are well trained and have access to the facilities required to ensure a focused play and deliberate teaching practices. We believe that the best time to lay a lifelong learning foundation is when the students are still in the toddlers’ school.   Getting it right at this level will help students to go higher the educational ladder, with a clear understanding and pure excitement and curiosity.  Without the right knowledge and curiosity, a student may lose interest in the current, and even future learning and development. We go beyond the basics of attending to the everyday needs of your children.  At our toddlers’ school, we help them fall in love with learning while building self-awareness and life skills generally.  Both the students and parents are in for the best quality of experience, and more importantly, what your children will need to thrive in their formative years. Click the Button to fill a form and get a FREE tour of our facility.

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Blessed Hope Daycare is the best place for your kid to be in a Safe, Respectful and nurturing environment. We love kids and we are so caring to every kids of our Daycare. If you want your kid to be in a place of Care and Bless then Blessed Hope Daycare is the Best Place

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