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Welcome to Blessed Hope Daycare Center; Where Nurturing and developing the mind of each individual child is our business


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The importance of educator’s successful teaching and learning processes cannot be overemphasized. Thus, at Blessed Hope Daycare Center, we only bring in passionate, well-educated, experienced and professional educators to work with us. Such educators must have all the right qualifications, in addition to passing background checks and health screening. We prioritize their abilities to interact and the need to meet or exceed the qualifications required by the New Jersey Department of Education. After meeting these conditions, they are required to go through extensive training and orientation classes at Blessed Hope Daycare Center, with the aim of familiarizing them with our curriculum, virtues, expectations, and practices.

All our teachers, in each of our Orange and other New Jersey preschool programs, are expected to meet the set standards and expectations, all set in line with our mission. We ensure that our educators are well-versed and stay updated. We offer scheduled professional development conferences, onsite/offsite training, and mentoring sessions to improve and sharpen their skills. Teachers are given the freedom to incorporating various teaching and learning styles that make the whole experience fun for both the students and teachers.

Our Teachers and Students Benefit Alike

By ensuring that our teachers can access developmental opportunities that make them excellent teachers, we are in turn expose your children to the best teaching and learning experience possible. The adopted structure in our preschool program is such that the coach oversees all teachers and their activities, making sure they are in line with our school’s curriculum and the New Jersey preschool Teaching and learning standards.

We understand that different level requires different approaches and kinds of care. The teachers at Blessed Hope Daycare are trained to meet the needs of each individual child. Teachers are trained to use the High Scope Curriculum and are provided professional development sessions at different intervals throughout each school year. This is done to ensure that our teachers are fully equipped and up-to-date with the tools necessary to effectively teach your children.

Collective Care

The power of collectiveness keeps us thriving at Blessed Hope Daycare Center. Our teachers share a very cordial relationship with themselves and with administrators. By moving in the same direction and at the same pace, we can make better decisions which leads to best-in-class education for our students.

Collectiveness has helped us build and sustain a positive, comfortable, family oriented and safe learning environment for our students and families in our preschools.

What Are you Waiting For?

Blessed Hope Daycare is the best place for your kid to be in a Safe, Respectful and nurturing environment. We love kids and we are so caring to every kids of our Daycare. If you want your kid to be in a place of Care and Bless then Blessed Hope Daycare is the Best Place

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