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Preschool Programs in Orange, NJ | Blessed Hope Daycare Center

Blessed Hope Daycare Center Preschool Program (3-5 years)

Having progressed to the preschool stage now is the time for your children to conquer new territories and expand their horizons by seeking out information and exploring the world around them. And this is what our pre-schools program offer.

Pre-school is a vital part of the developmental journey of any child. During this period, children are exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, music and movement that prepares their mind for learning as they proceed to kindergarten. In keeping with our curriculum, children learn through hands experience made possible through play. In our preschools, your Children will be exposed to other vital skills apart from academics; these include social-emotional development and problem solving skills.

The focus is mainly on content knowledge, and that is why we made our preschool learning environment part of our content learning centers. Your children will learn mathematics, science, emergent reading and writing skills, technology, language, and social skills all through play. The ultimate aim of each of this program is to create a solid foundation for further learning in each child. We believe that this foundation will help them develop the required qualities to thrive in kindergarten and grade school, including advanced pre-reading skills, better vocabularies, and strong basic math skills. Quality teaching is guaranteed, since child teacher ratio is always maintained thus facilitating learning at the individual level rather than group levels.

The Blessed Hope Daycare Center special classrooms ensure flexibility in learning for the children and in line with their areas of interest while helping the teacher to direct activities smoothly. In our classrooms, children learn through movement, exploration, and meaningful play. Your children will not only thrive in such an environment, but also develop physically, social-emotionally, and intellectually as well-developed lifelong learners. Our teachers are great at scaffolding and inspiring the children to participate actively, so that they can learn through their interaction the environment in which they are in.

Even with the focus on content knowledge, our curriculum is designed on the basis of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple-intelligence, which favors the development of the whole child over by focusing on certain areas. With the help of our teachers, your children will discover their strong points, and how best they can maximize them to improve their knowledge, and more importantly, be more confident in themselves to thrive in advanced situations. So, by trusting us with your child/children, we make them better in all aspects.

For more information on our preschool programs, kindly call or visit our center. We will be glad to provide answers to all your questions. We organize open houses where the parents of the prospective students are invited to check out our schools. Indicate interest, and we will provide you with the schedule. However, if you miss one, we will be glad to organize a tour for you upon request.

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